We are an Italian company that over the years has  become synonymous with creativity and effective technical know-how in the world of yachting.
Today, our personal and professional experience allows us to operate for you both above and below the sea surface.

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Diving operations, underwater research and recovery services, ROV operators, hyperbaric chamber operators, marine works.

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Tubulars and GRP hulls repair and reconstruction, tender customization, maintenance and consulting services, Super Yacht Services, revision of thrusters and jet systems

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Ideal for relaxing , perfect as a swimming life-raft or for heliotherapy.
Designed for safe modular use due to its eco-friendly high-strength Manta Ray mooring system that keeps the units at a fixed distance (in compliance with Covid 19 security measures)

Equipped with a durable Hypalon shell and Hypalon handles too, to make climbing aboard easy for everybody, it is flip-open so can easily be sanitized at sea

it's strong
it's reliable
it's safe
it's available in any colour you like

Let us handle the assembly... and when the season is over you can simply deflate it!.

Patent Dept. 202020000003082 06/03/2020

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